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    GIS 2017



    GIS International Interior Architecture and Interior Design Expo Conference is organized in Budapest in 2017, at Marriott Budapest Hotel, within SHARE Budapest 2017 International Architecture Forum, with the participation of architects from 15 countries and of the European Council of Interior Architects.

    GIS Budapest brings up for debate the role of architecture and interior design in improving the quality of life and will highlight the design of buildings that generate new thinking in social,cultural,learning & working environments.

    GIS will host for the first time in Hungary one of the most well-known Portuguese designers, Nini Andrade Silva, distinguished Overall winner at International Design & Architecture Awards. Her distinctive design concepts in hotels, offices, restaurants and residences for a high-class clientele fashioned a new style – “Ninimalism”.

    GIS gathers in Budapest architects and interior designers from Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, The Netherlands, Israel, Denmark, Korea, Turkey, Poland, France and Hungary, winners of the most recent editions of international interior architecture and design competitions.

    The guest speakers in the program are the industry’s most inventive minds, highly-awarded speakers with the latest edition of international interior architecture and interior design competitions.

    Simultaneosly with GIS, in the same location, it is organized RIFF international conference dedicated to roofs, facades, floors and insulation, INGLASS international conference dedicated to glass architecture and engineering and LAUD international conference dedicated to landscape architecture and urban infrastructure. It is created this way an important architecture forum in Budapest, a dynamic and vibrant event including four professional thematic conferences.

    Information regarding the access at the International GIS Conference 2017 edition:

    Date: 2017
    Location: Marriott Budapest Hotel, Pest conference room

    Access: solely based on invitations. The registration of the participation can be made online here.

    See details about all speakers in the program here.

    The testimonials of the guests of GIS editions can be read here.

    The GIS Expo Conference which is realized by the professional event organizer ABplus Events is part of an European project organized in Hungary, Poland and Romania, together with the the thematic LAUD expo conferences ( landscape architecture and urban infrastructure) INGLASS ( glass architecture and glass engineering) and RIFF (roofs, facades, floors and insulation).

    The aim of the expo conferences is to promote at the European level the best practice examples in contemporary architecture, the transfer of know-how and the exchange of ideas.

    For 20 years, our professional architecture expo conferences act as an effective platform for promoting excellence in the fields of architecture and construction, a meeting point for practicing architects, landscape architects and contractors, bringing together great personalities in architecture and offering new opportunities of cooperation.

    The latest editions of GIS expo conferences had great guests that have brought their contribution to the program with presentations of their latest projects: 2016: arch. Rainer Mahlamäki, Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architecture Office, Finland; 2015: arch. Hagy Belzberg FAIA, USA; arch. Fokke MOEREL, MVRDV, the Netherlands; arch. Johannes BAAR-BAARENFELS, Baar-Baarenfels Architekten, Austria; arch. Cristian Santandreu UTERMARK, A2arquitectos, Spain; arch. Ian MACREADY, Viewport Studio, VW+BS Architecture and Design, UK; arch. Antonio Virga, Antonio Virga Architecte, France; 2014- arch. David Kohn, DAVID KOHN ARCHITECTS, The UK; 2013: arch. Giorgio Borruso, BORRUSO DESIGN, USA; 2014& 2012: arch. Nini Andrade Silva, NINI ANDRA DE SILVA, Portugal; 2011: arch. Alan Leo Plestina, UPI- 2M, Croatia, arch. Krzysztof INGARDEN, Ingarden & Ewý Architekci, Poland.

    For the latest news regarding the program of the international conferences and the guest speakers, we invite you to access the communication platform www.share-architects.com.

    Organizer ABplus Events:

    For 20 years we have been in pursuit of excellence in the fields of architecture and construction, through international events organized for architects and contractors, in cooperation with our partners, the national chambers of architects, architecture institutions and associations.
    Our professional architecture expo conferences act as an effective platform for networking, business, inspiration and exchange of experience and know-how.

    ABplus Events, as Professional Trade Events and Congress Organizer, is the creator of the concept of national network of construction trade shows. Our experience on the Central and Eastern European market positions our events as one of the most effective international forums in the region, a source of constantly updated information, supporting the continuous training of specialists and the promotion of young talents.
    Bringing together hundreds of practicing architects and contractors in Europe, Asia and the United States of America, ABplus events promote projects, achievements and recent best practice examples in architecture and construction industry.

    Portofolio: you can also also consult our brochure and a selection of video testimonials from our international architecture conferences.
    We invite you to join us!


    Nini Andrade Silva

    Atelier Nini Andrade Silva, President & Founder, Special Guest GIS Budapest 2016 edition

    GIS International Interior Architecture and Design Expo Conference is the right place to meet architecture and design community to celebrate learn, exchange and be inspired! At GIS we have very interesting talks about architecture and Interior Design and start to see where we’re going to be in the future. It’s that dialogue face to face, with people that are doing amazing things that makes GIS one of the most important events that happens in architecture each year. GIS is part of my heart since the Bucharest’s edition and I really believe that this amazing experience in Budapest will blow your mind.

    Anja Dirks

    President of ECIA – The European Council of Interior Architects, Guest of Honour Budapest 2016 edition

    At GIS Budapest I will talk about my experience and belief in the existence of ECIA, the history and future of the organization and the benefits for the profession of having such an organization. Included in the lecture is her vision on the field of interior architecture and what it can mean for the society. With a head up for the future.ECIA is very interested and willing to learn more about the profession and the organizations in Eastern Europe. And to have in that perspective a more intensive relation. Therefore it would be great to meet during and after the lecture some organizations and professionals.

    Ferenc MAKOVÉNYI

    Member of the Board of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects

    The Chamber of Hungarian Architects is glad that the international expo conferences are here in our city, that GIS International Interior Architecture and Interior Design Expo Conference will be organized in Budapest.

    In 2015 we have started the cooperation for INGLASS, that was the highest professional gathering for architects dealing with material glass. We support all professional education and conference which are in favor of our members. This conferences are an opportunity for every registered architect.

    Arch. Șerban Țigănaș

    President of the Order of Architects of Romania, Guest of Honour GIS Budapest 2016 edition

    At GIS Bucharest we have two full days of the conference,it seemed like the time expands due to the consistency of the intelligence and parallel activities. It is a genuine marathon. I am very glad to attend GIS Budapest 2016 edition and happy to meet the architects from this community and share ideas.

    Arch. Ryszard Gruda

    President the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland (IARP)

    The GIS conference is a valuable conference through the selection of its speakers. In Poland the conference was organized on 22-23rd February 2016 under the Honorary Patronage of the Chamber of Polish Architects. Rarely do we have such collaborations because we have our own rules, our own regulations. We do not support all the architecture meetings. We carefully select the events which will be under our patronage. For us, architects, GIS represents a very important meeting and what pleasantly surprised me was the fact that the young generations of architects are interested in this kind of event. I recommend this event to architects.

    Arch. Makoto Nakayama

    Nakayama Architects, Japan

    I think the GIS conference is very interesting because it allows you to know each kind of thinking. We don’t need to make something universal, every architect must be very individual and it’s very important to know each other.

    Colin Ball

    BDP- Building Design Partnership Ltd

    I think that it is important for international architects and designers to come together on a platform like GIS. We’re all facing the same issues but the issues are slightly different and the more we communicate, the more we’re able to keep quality going everywhere that we’re working. Also, different disciplines need to speak more because we don’t necessarily understand what’s happening in each others industry and again, the more we communicate the better we’re all informed, really.

    I’m a central member of the International Association Lighting Designers which are headquartered in Chicago and we keep a very close eye on independent lighting design. We keep lists and we monitor what’s happening in each country. If there’s no independent lighting designers the lighting design is being done by manufacturers and at the end of the day we wonder, for example, why are there so many light fittings in this ceiling? Because they’re selling products.

    Arch. Rosa Clotet

    Llongueras Clotet Architects, Spain

    GIS conference and the talks about architecture and interior design are very interesting because you can share knowledge between different countries and different ways of projecting architecture. This is without a doubt a benefit for us architects and for our work. For me, the experience of attending GIS Krakow was very useful for my work to see very different kind of projects from lighting projects to big projects to small and sensitive projects. I look forward to the next GIS event that is organized in Budapest.

    Dani Rubio Arauna

    Graphic Designer / Art Director, Rai Pinto / Dani Rubio Arauna ,BARCELONA, SPAIN

    The environmental design project for Sant Joan de Déu Children’s Hospital in Barcelona is the last layer of the architectural renovation of this center. The project has been designed to coexist with the preexisting architecture throughout animals hidden in the forms of the building. Its main achievement is making a space confortable and kind for children, but also, becoming a fully recognizable visual identity for this space. This project passes through the limits of disciplines and gathers environmental graphics, interior design, wayfinding and industrial design in order to generate a unique visual system.